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Ingredient Technical names and Attributes..

African Bluegrass Ess Oil .....    Cymbopogon Validus.

....... Oil from South Africa with pleasant green grassy aroma, astringent, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial, good for acne and oily skin.

Apricot Kernel Oil .....    Prunus Armeniaca.

....... A very rich and nourishing oil, but at the same time light and easily absorbed. Excellent for skin protection, suitable for sensitive, dry, irritated and aging skin.

Argan Oil .....    Argania spinosa.

....... A very rich source of essential fatty acids and has a very high content of natural tocopherols and carotenoids. Has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is protective against sun and environmental damage and can help to restore the skin's protective barrier. It also can help to promote regeneration of stressed and mature skin and reduce visible wrinkles, stretch marks and scars.

Avocado Butter .....    persea gratissima.

....... Very rich, moisturising and nourishing, have some natural sunscreen properties, creamy in texture, easily spreads and penetrates into the skin, gives skin softness, nourishment and protection and have skin regenerating properties.

Baobab Oil .....    Adansonia digitata.

....... Has a very high content of vitamins and is known for its anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties. It is an emollient, with soothing, softening and restructuring effect on the skin and hair. The oil can help to improve skin elasticity and promote cell regeneration.

Bay Leaf Ess Oil .....    Laurus Nobilis.

....... Fresh and spicy aroma. Antiseptic and astringent, good for poor circulation, cellulite or muscular pains.

Benzoin Ess Oil .....    Styrax Tonkinensis.

....... Rich sweet balsamic aroma. Cooling, anti-inflammatory and healing, good for skin conditions, irritated and inflamed skin, scar and wound healing, joint and muscle pains.

Bergamot BFree Ess Oil .....    Citrus Bergamia.

....... Uplifting light & fresh citrusy aroma. Cooling and antiseptic, good for treatment of skin complains such as acne, oily sin and infections. In our products we are using Bergapten free oil which will less likely to be phototoxic and a skin sensitiser.

Black Pepper Ess Oil .....    Piper Nigrum.

....... Woody and spicy aroma. Warming and stimulating, good for muscle and cellulite treatments, to improve circulation.

Blueberry Seed Oil .....    Vaccinum Myrtillus, Tocopherol.

....... One of the most potent antioxidants, very effective for cell and tissue regeneration, can help to treat all kind of skin problems and infections. It helps to repair damaged skin, fine lines and wrinkles. It can help to maintain elasticity of the skin and helps against skin aging.

Bog Myrtle Ess Oil .....    Myrica Gale.

....... Clear & fresh, herbal & lemony aroma. Strong antibacterial, useful in skincare products to treat oily, sensitive skin and acne and helping to delay skin aging. Very effective then used as an insect repellent.

Borage Oil .....    Borago officinalis.

....... One of the highest sources of the GLA, soothing and anti-inflammatory. It helps to reduce trans-epidermal water loss, to restore skin smoothness and flexibility. It is very useful ingredient for the repair and maintenance of skin tissue. It is particularly good for dry, damaged, mature and irritated skin, eczema and psoriasis.

Cabrueva Ess Oil .....    Myocarpus Fastigiatus.

....... Delicate woody & floral aroma. Balsamic and antiseptic, good for scar and wound healing.

Camellia Kissi Oil .....    Camellia Kissi.

....... Packed with natural antioxidants and nutrients and has excellent skin restructuring and moisturising properties. It can help to replenish and protect, to reduce scaring and stretch marks and calm inflamed skin. It is rejuvenating and restorative, can improve texture and elasticity and give the skin a radiant glow.

Cardamom Ess Oil .....    Elettaria Cardamomum.

....... Sweet and spicy aroma. Warming for muscles and joints.

Castor Oil .....    Ricinus Communis.

....... Excellent emollient and soothing. It absorbs very slowly and draws dirt to itself, making it excellent ingredient in any cleansing products. It also gives lips, hair and skin a natural glossy sheen.

Cedarwood Ess Oil .....    Cedrus Atlantica.

....... Deep warm and woody aroma. Warming, uplifting and toning, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, good for oily skin and acne, helps to regulate sebum production, very useful for chronic skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis. Very effective when used as hair tonic.

Celery Seed Ess Oil .....    Apium Graveolens.

....... Warm and spicy aroma. Diuretic, antiseptic and antioxidant, good for water retention and cellulite, removal of toxins, to clean and clarify the skin.

Chamomile Cape Ess Oil .....    Eriocephalus Punctulatus.

....... Fine, fruity aroma. It's an anti-inflammatory as well as an analgesic, good for inflamed skin such as sunburn or any skin condition where the skin is dehydrated, bruised or irritated.

Chamomile German Ess Oil .....    Matricaria Recutita.

....... Strong sweet & herbaceous aroma. Analgesic, anti- allergenic and anti-inflammatory, can be used for wounds and to calm down irritated skin problems like eczema and dermatitis, in products, to calm, soothe and create relaxation.

Chamomile German Hydrosol .....    Matricaria Recutita.

....... Cooling, soothing, and healing for any skin irritations, rashes, sunburn. etc. It is excellent to use as a toner for skin with acne, and other problematic conditions. Hydrosol's powerful anti-inflammatory action makes it also good for all skin conditions with redness such as rosacea, varicose and swollen veins, thread and spider veins and capillaries and other inflamed skin conditions. Hydrosol is mildly antibacterial antifungal and antiseptic and can be excellent choice to use as a cleanser or treatment for infections.

Chamomile Roman Ess Oil .....    Chamaemelum Nobile L.

....... Fruity, herbaceous aroma. Calming and balancing, effective analgesic, anti-neuralgic, can be used for areas of inflammation like sunburn or areas of neuralgia.

Chamomile Roman Hydrosol .....    Chamaemelum Nobile.

....... Especially recommended for skincare for delicate complexions with allergic tendencies. A mild astringent, it is an excellent skin toner and would benefit oily or inflamed skin. It is also known for its calming, almost sedative qualities and works well for burns and sunburn skin and can help to relieve itching and to sooth dry, flaky, itchy skin, rashes, acne, eczema, etc.

Cocoa Butter .....    Theobroma cacao.

....... Has a soft, sweet cocoa aroma, and is one of the most stable fats known. It contains natural antioxidants that prevent rancidity, and has an extremely long shelf life. Cocoa Butter is a superb moisturiser, hydrates and slows down moisture loss, can help to enhance a suntan and fade the appearance of scars and stretch marks, gives skin smooth silky appearance.

Coconut Butter .....    Cocos Nucifera.

....... Full of nutrients and amino acids, calcium, and magnesium, offers ultra-hydrating benefits to the skin and hair. It is rich, sensuous and luxurious and great for moisturising and protecting the skin.

Coconut Oil .....    Cocos nucifera.

....... Provides a protective layer on the skin, helping to smooth the skin and retain the moisture.

Copaiba Balsam Ess Oil .....    Copaifera Reticulata.

....... Rich, honey-like aroma. Balancing and uplifting and it is very soothing for the skin.

Cornflower hydrosol .....    Centaurea Cyanus l..

....... Cool for the skin and is the first choice for swollen or itchy eyes also as a compress for a stye or conjunctivitis. An excellent choice for dry devitalized skin and can be used to tone crepey skin and firm delicate or mature skin

Cupuacu Butter .....    Theobroma grandiflorum.

....... Contains a range of phytosterols which gives Butter anti-inflammatory properties and helps to relieve skin irritations. It also has a tremendous capacity for water absorption and offers proven skin moisturizing benefits that help restore the skin's natural humidity and elasticity. It also acts as an emollient to confer softness and a conditioned feel on the skin.

Cypress Hydrosol .....    Cupressus Sempiverens.

....... Has excellent cleansing and detoxifying properties. Can be used to improve circulation and support venous system and is useful for varicose veins, cellulite and tired or swollen legs. It is also moderately astringent, have a tightening effect on skin and is recommended for acne, thread veins and couperose skin.

Evening Primrose Oil .....    Oenothera biennis L.

....... Exceptionally high content of GLA. Soothing to irritated and inflamed skin, has a moisture retaining effect, increases the cell's ability to absorb oxygen and it is beneficial for skin's elasticity.

Fragonia Ess Oil .....    Agonis Fragrans.

....... Herbaceous and resinous aroma. Extremely mild on the skin but with strong anti- bacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties which seems as strong as Tea tree, oil is very useful for skin conditions such as acne, eczema, athlete's foot and etc. It's analgesic properties can help in treatments for joint and muscle pain.

Geranium Bourbon Ess Oil .....    Pelargonium Graveolens.

....... Rosy-sweet and minty aroma. Mild analgesic, antiseptic and wound healing, very good for general skin care due to its soothing and balancing effect. It's also very good for mild circulatory problems and broken capillaries. Excellent for stimulating and cleansing the lymphatic system. It's very useful for all skin types and for a lot of different skin conditions such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, etc.

Geranium Bourbon Hydrosol .....    Pelargonium Asperum.

....... Balancing and adaptogenic, suitable for all age groups from the very young to the very old and all skin types: from dry and sensitive to oily and acneic and also for mature and for balancing combination skin. It is also excellent when used as a cellular regenerative and humectant. Geranium Hydrosol also is potent anti-inflammatory and very cooling, is very effective for all skin conditions there is heat presented and also for all conditions with redness.

Ginger Ess Oil .....    Zingiber Officinale.

....... Warm, spicy and woody aroma. Warming and analgesic, can help to relieve the inflammation, muscle pains, induce warmth and help with circulation problems. Stimulates and revitalises and it is good tonic for the skin.

Grapefruit Ess Oil .....    Citrus Paradisi.

....... Fresh sweet, citrus aroma. Antiseptic, uplifting and toning, stimulating to the lymphatic system, good for muscle fatigue and stiffness. It can help tone tired and congested skin, useful for water retention and cellulite.

Hazelnut Oil .....    Corylus avellana.

....... Light, penetrating and slightly astringent. It is soothing and healing, good for acne, dry and irritated skin. It has natural sun protective properties. Can help to strengthen capillaries, stimulate the circulation and encourage cell regeneration.

Honey Myrtle Hydrosol .....    Maleleuca Teretifolia.

....... Has fresh, delicate, sweet, honey like aroma and has significant antibacterial and antiviral properties. It is believed to be a much more powerful antimicrobial as Tea Tree and it is helpful to use for a variety of skin problems.

Jasmine Hydrosol .....    Jasminum grandiflorum.

....... Has exquisite smell of fresh jasmine flowers, is soothing and calming, can be used to tone dry sensitive and irritated skin.

Jojoba Oil .....    Simmondsia Chinensis.

....... Contains proteins, minerals and a waxy substance that resembles human sebum. It is anti-inflammatory, highly penetrating and balancing for the skin. It can help control acne and oily skin conditions and is beneficial to problem skin. It is skin therapy for all ages and skin types dry or oily.

Juniper Berry Ess Oil .....    Juniperus Communis.

....... Woody and balsamic aroma. Antiseptic, antibacterial and diuretic, good for muscle aches and pains, fluid retention, cellulite and varicose veins. Astringent and cleansing, beneficial for acne, oily skin and eczema.

Kanuka Ess Oil .....    Leptospermum Ericoides.

....... Fresh herbaceous aroma. Good antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory. Useful to treat a lot of skin conditions.

Kiwi Seed Oil .....    Actinidia Deliciosa.

....... Contains proteins, minerals and a waxy substance that resembles human sebum. It is anti-inflammatory, highly penetrating and balancing for the skin. It can help control acne and oily skin conditions and is beneficial to problem skin. It is skin therapy for all ages and skin types dry or oily.

Lavender Ess Oil .....    Lavandula Angustifolia Vera.

....... Fresh, clean, floral & herbaceous aroma. One of the best known and most widely used oils. Antiseptic and analgesic, anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming. Relieves pain, tones the skin, it is effective for a variety of skin conditions including acne, eczema, psoriasis and general irritations. Excellent for sunburn. Can be used neat on the skin.

Lavender Hydrosol .....    Lavandula Angustifolia.

....... Gentle and balancing, cooling and soothing, suitable for all skin types. It helps heal sunburn and skin irritations, gently tone oily, dry and mature skin, have regenerative effect on fragile or damaged skin. Is beneficial when used as cleanser and antiseptic.

Lemon Ess Oil .....    Citrus Limonum.

....... Fresh lemony aroma. Antiseptic, refreshing and cooling, good cleanser. beneficial for circulatory system, can be helpful in cleansing the body and for cellulite. Astringent and whitening, can be used for acne and greasy skin and to deal with viral problems.

Lemon Tea Tree Hydrosol .....    Leptospermum Petersonii.

....... Revitalising and refreshing and Is a natural antiseptic and immuno- stimulant. Topically it can be used for a lot of skin problems such as: wounds, burns, sores, sunburn, etc. It would suit oily and combination skin and would help with blemishes and acne.

Lemongrass Ess Oil .....    Cymbopogon Citratus.

....... Fresh grassy and citrusy aroma. Antiseptic, analgesic and astringent. Can help to clean oily skin, effective as skin toner and vitaliser, can be used as deodorant and insect repellent.

Macadamia Oil .....    Macadamia tetraphylla.

....... Very emollient oil, good in products for mature and dry skin and also for dehydrated skin. It is useful in anti-aging treatments, beneficial for circulatory problems and as aid against sunburn. Very soothing, softening and wound healing oil.

Mandarin Green Ess Oil .....    Citrus Reticulata.

....... Tangy, fresh, citrusy with a green note aroma. Antiseptic and tonic, it is useful for treating acne and oily skin. Can be used for tightening and whitening of the skin, can help to deal with water retention and is a good lymphatic cleanser..

Mango Butter .....    Mangipera indica.

....... Is an excellent emollient and has natural wound healing and regenerative, skin softening, soothing, moisturizing and protective properties It has a protective effect against UV radiation and helps speed up wound healing, to restore flexibility and reduce degeneration of skin cells. . It is an ideal ingredient to use for the treatment of wrinkles, dry and aging skin and also for eczema and other skin conditions.

Manketti Oil .....    Schinziophyton Rautanenii.

....... Oil from Southern Africa it is very rich in nutrients,, highly emollient, can protect skin from environmental damage.

Manuka Ess Oil .....    Leptospermum scoparium.

....... Warm woody and balsamic aroma. Strong antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral, it is said to be more potent as Tea Tree Oil. Very effective to deal with all kind of bacterial and viral infections. Can help to tone the skin, to relieve muscle and joint pain, to ease allergic rashes and eczema. Can be used neat on the skin.

Marula Oil .....    Sclerocarya Birrea.

....... Highly nourishing and hydrating, rich in antioxidants and very stable oil. It provides a protective barrier, which helps to improve skin hydration and prevent water loss. It can help to relieve irritated skin, reduce redness and promote cellular healing. It is almost instantly absorbed by the skin so it's excellent to use for summer's heat or for oily skin. It leaves skin feeling soft, hydrated, nourished and revitalised.

Melissa Hydrosol .....    Melissa Officinalis.

....... Good antioxidant and anti-inflammatory and has pronounced antiviral properties. It is good skin clarifier and can be used to calm rash, irritations and eczema and also have calming effect on mental stress and fatigue. It excellent to use in anti-aging skin care and also beneficial for viral infections.

Moringa oil .....    Moringo oleifera.

....... Good antioxidant, nourishing and emollient properties and it is also antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It helps to improve skin elasticity and provides a natural sheen. Excellent then used for cleansing and detoxification of the skin.

Neroli Hydrosol .....    Citrus aurantium.

....... With sublime refreshing floral aroma it is calming, soothing and restoring. It has a natural hydrating and regenerating effect on the skin which makes it perfect for refreshing and reviving dull and tired skin. Hydrosol is mildly astringent and is excellent to use for delicate, sensitive and also for oily skin. Very good toner and balancer it can help to clear acne and can be used for other skin irritations and thread veins.

Niaouli Ess Oil .....    Melaleuca Viridiflora.

....... Sweet, fresh, camphoraceous aroma. Clearing, analgesic and stimulating. Can help to improve poor circulation, to clear acne and spots and also to alleviate muscular aches and pains.

Olive Oil .....    Olea Europea.

....... One of the most universal oils, it offers nourishing, softening and excellent protection. It is also an anti-inflammatory and so very valuable to treat skin irritations and skin conditions such as sun-damaged skin, eczema, psoriasis and itchiness. It also offers excellent lubrication and a soft, smooth feeling on the skin.

Orange Blood Ess Oil .....    Citrus Sinensis.

....... Intensely sweet & fragrant aroma. Anti- depressant and anti-inflammatory, very uplifting and revitalising, good stimulant for digestive and lymphatic systems.

Palm Kernel Oil .....    Elaeis Guineensis.

....... Has excellent skin moisturising and protecting properties.

Palmarosa Ess Oil .....    Cymbopogon Martini.

....... Dry floral and rosy aroma. Cooling and hydrating. It is used to moisturise and tone the skin. Can help to balance hydration levels and sebum production, to keep the skin supple and flexible. Excellent as a cellular regenerator, can help to rejuvenate mature skin and stimulate production of new skin cells.

Papaya Seed Oil .....    Carica Papaya.

....... High in nutrients and vitamins, it has anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving antifungal and antibiotic properties. The oil is easily absorbed and adds excellent conditioning properties to the skin. It also contains the enzyme papain, which helps dissolve excess sebum and impurities on the skin, gently removes dead skin cells (to help speed up cell renewal) and can be used on oily or problem skin.

Peach Kernel Oil .....    Prunus persica.

....... Has moisturising, regenerative and restructuring properties and it is especially good for sensitive, inflamed, dry or mature skin. It enhances skin elasticity and has a soft and smooth feel on the skin. It is excellent for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatments.

Plum Kernel Oil .....    Prunus Domestica.

....... Intensely aromatic, having a rich, almond, marzipan-like aroma. It is high in Linoleic and Oleic fatty acids, vitamins A and E and beta-Sitosterol. Absorbs very quickly and leaves the skin feeling silky and soft but not at all oily. It can help to prevent collagen degeneration and s perfect for dry and mature skin.

Red Raspberry Seed Oil .....    Rubus idaeus.

....... Anti-inflammatory and deeply nourishing, softening, emollient and conditioning. It helps to provide protection and moisture retention for the skin. Oil is excellent to use for sensitive skin. It gives the skin a vital broad spectrum defence from harmful UVA and UVB rays and it is useful in products for sun protection.

Rice Bran Oil .....    Oryza sativa.

....... Rich in gamma-oryzanols, tocotrienols and phytosterols, have potent anti-oxidant properties, can help promote cell regeneration, reduce inflammation and skin irritations. It also promotes micro-circulation and cellular metabolism, which may assist in preventing premature ageing and helps protect against environmental damage.

Rosalina Hydrosol .....    Melaleuca Ericifolia.

....... Mild and gentle, analgesic and antibacterial and slightly astringent, can be useful for normal and oily skin and ideal to treat problematic skin conditions.

Rose Hydrosol .....    Rosa X damscena.

....... Has excellent balancing and water retaining properties, helps add and retain moisture in the skin, controls and balances sebum production, making it useful for both dry and oily, sensitive and devitalised skin. It can balance and restore the skin's Ph and helps tighten pores, stimulates the skin, heightening the blood flow. Its antibacterial properties help fight acne and it also is useful in the treatment of all sorts of dermatitis. It is one of the most important ingredients for anti-wrinkle skin treatments.

Rosehip Oil .....    Rosa rubginosa.

....... Rich in omega 3 essential fatty acids and contains natural Retinoic acid (Vitamin A acid) and vitamins E and F. The oil is very useful in the repair of damaged skin tissue and is very effective for cell and tissue regeneration. It soothes the fine wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth, gives elasticity to the skin, helps against skin aging and is considered to be one of the best anti-wrinkle oils available today.

Rosemary Hydrosol .....    Rosmarinus Officinalis.

....... Uplifting, calming irritations and skin problems and has very strong antioxidant properties. It can help to bring skin impurities to the surface and decongest clogged pores and can be effective to use as a toner for normal and oily skin.

Rosewood Ess Oil .....    Aniba Roseodora.

....... Warm and woody, floral and fruity aroma. Stimulant and healing, stimulates new cell growth, balances dull, dry and oily skin so is suitable for all skin types and especially mature skin.

Samphire Hydrosol .....    Chrithmum Maritimum.

....... Rich in minerals and vitamins, has antioxidant, antiseptic and ant-inflammatory properties, excellent for detoxifying and regenerating the skin. It also helps to increase circulation, energise the skin and increase the reproduction of collagen and elastin.

Sandalwood Hydrosol .....    Santalum Album.

....... Uplifting and toning, highly aromatic and wonderfully balancing, it is also antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and slightly astringent. Excellent to use for skin care, especially delicate and mature skin. It balances both dry and oily skin, has a nice cooling effect and gives relief from all types of inflammations, is useful for treating acne, rosacea and other skin conditions and is great when used as aftershave.

Sesame Oil .....    Sesamum Indicum.

....... Contains vitamin E and several minerals Good for dry skin and eczema, protects skin to some degree from solar radiation.

Shea Butter .....    Butyrosprmum Parkii.

....... Naturally rich in vitamins and minerals which help to soothe, hydrate, and balance the skin. It promotes skin renewal, increases the circulation, and accelerates wound healing. It is also beneficial for the treatment of many different skin conditions and in dealing with wrinkles and other signs of skin ageing. It is an intense moisturizer, has anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating effects on the skin and also offers a natural low level UV protection.

Sunflower Oil .....    Helianthus annuus.

....... Has high amounts of Vitamins A, B, D and E, minerals, lecithin, inulin, unsaturated fatty acids, and by all accounts, A moisturising & softening, It can be used for all skin types, even oily skin as it is a dry oil. Sunflower oil also has excellent pore size reduction qualities, so is good to use on large-pored skin.

Tamanu Oil .....    Calophyllum Inophyllum.

....... Has potent anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, has a capacity to promote the formation of new tissue, thereby accelerating wound healing and the growth of healthy skin, helps reduce inflammation. It is effective in relieving the pain associated with rheumatism, sciatica and neuralgia. It is also beneficial for dry, chapped skin and all kinds of skin problems.

Tea Tree Hydrosol .....    Malaleuca Alternifolia.

....... Antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial, it is much milder and safe to use then Essential Oil. Can be used undiluted to cleanse cuts, small wounds all kinds of skin infections. It is one of the most useful hydrosols.

Tepescohuite herbal oil .....    Mimosa Tenuifolia, Helianthuus Annuus.

....... Contains flavonoids, tannins, lot of micronutrients and a strong concentration of phenols. Tepescohuite oil has spectacular skin tissue regenerating properties, diminishes the capillary permeability, increases resistance and protects from skin aging. Oil is an anti-bacterial; a fungicide and astringent, protects "hyaluronic" acid; protects and stimulates the generation of collagen and elastin.

Thistle Oil .....    Carthamus tinctorius.

....... Helps retain moisture in the skin, keeping it soft and supple, is perfect for dry, sensitive and mature skin. Thistle oil also helps to reduce the size of the pores, rebalance the skin and clear decongested skin thus ideal for oily, blemished and irritated skin. It also has powerful dirt and oil-removing abilities.

Witch Hazel Hydrosol .....    Hamamelis Virginiana.

....... Soothing antifungal and antibacterial and is said is one of the strongest antioxidant hydrosols. Powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing, it can be used to treat a vast range of skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc. It is excellent to use for skin rashes, redness, itching and swelling and can have healing effect on varicose veins, oedema, and arthritic and rheumatic pain. It can be a wonderful toner for teenage skin, as well as one of the most important ingredients for anti-aging skin treatments.

Yarrow Hydrosol .....    Achillea Millefolium.

....... Cleansing and astringent and can be used for varicose veins or cellulite. Its cleansing and detoxifying actions make it one of the toners of choice for skin with acne. Also useful as an anti-inflammatory for inflamed or irritated skin and for any sort of itching skin conditions. Hydrosol is a wonderfully effective skin soother.

........... More to follow

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